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What can you cook in a wood fired oven?

Anything that you can cook in a conventional oven, you can vary the oven temperature to do low temperature baking all the way up to high temperature searing and everything in between. There is a learning curve for the lower temperatures, as you will be cooking with retained heat. We have several videos that can help you master cooking at all ranges of temperatures in your oven.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

1-4 minutes depending on the temperature in the oven and type of pizza you want to cook.

Is it hard to cooking in a wood fired oven?

Not at all! It is very easy to get started making delicious pizza and more. Like anything, the more you learn the better you will adapt to wood fired oven cooking. Our website is filled with tons of great resources for you to get started.

Which size oven should I get?

The size oven you get is determined by a number of different factors but mainly it will come down to 3 factors; budget, space available, culinary ambitions. We have created a handy comparison chart to help you figure out which oven is the right one for you. Check it out here: COMPARISON CHART

Do the ovens have gas burner options?

Currently we offer gas burners on our brick line of ovens, and expect to introduce them with our refractory line soon.

Should I get a gas burner with my oven?

Gas burners are an amazing tool to help you cook inside of your oven. They are not for everyone, however. You will need to run dedicated gas lines to your oven, and if you are building a countertop you will need to make certain modifications to house the burner. Call our customer support team to learn more.

How do I install my pizza oven?

Good question; very carefully! For our brick line of ovens, you usually are looking at a forklift or crane due to the extreme weight and size of the ovens. For our refractory ovens, we conveniently have removable handles to help you get some friends together and lift the oven into place by hand.

What kind of warranty do the ovens come with?

Check out our warranty information here: WARRANTY

When will my oven ship?

The estimated ship date of your oven will be displayed on the product page near the purchase button. The estimated ship dates are subject to change. Currently there is a disruption in the supply chain, along with material shortages, both of which can result in delays. Although we do not anticipate delays to your order, the situation is changing every day and is affecting manufacturers across the globe. Our Customer Service Team will update you on the status of your order throughout the fulfillment process via email, and be available to answer any questions you have.

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