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The story behind our company 

Forno Piombo was founded by father/son team Guy and Tony Piombo in 2014. After Guy was asked to build a pizza oven for a local church organization, he decided to take a deep dive into the history and design of wood fired ovens. Armed with a background in engineering, alongside a passion for cooking with fire, Guy spent the better part of a year researching and designing the first Forno Piombo pizza oven.

Word got out, and Forno Piombo started getting orders from both residential and commercial food lovers around town. What started off as a small project, quickly grew into a full scale manufacturing operation as more orders started coming in from all across the country. Forno Piombo's reputation for building high performing ovens, along with providing world class customer service was the perfect combo.

Passion has been the driving force behind Forno Piombo since the beginning, and Guy and Tony have ensured that this passion is embedded into every aspect of their business. 


Forno Piombo timeline



Guy Piombo builds the first Forno Piombo pizza oven after a year of research and development that included a trip to Italy. The first sales comes through and Guy, alongside his partner and son Tony, officially launch Forno Piombo Inc.



Forno Piombo becomes the first and only company in the wood fired oven industry to offer a lifetime guarantee on their brick ovens.



Guy and Tony launch the commercial oven division at Forno Piombo, providing pizza ovens to caterers, restaurants and other proffesionals. They expand their oven size range and introduce gas/wood hybrid ovens to the market.



Forno Piombo caps its manufacturing of brick ovens to 160 per year, ensuring the high level of craftsmanship and customer service they have become knwon for is upheld for all clients.



Forno Piombo introduces its new line of refractory ovens to the market as a way to make wood fired cooking more accesible to all foodies.

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