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Wood Fired Vlog #4: Insulating Pizza Oven & Rental Delivery


In our 4th episode, we take you inside our shop to see how and why we insulate our pizza ovens. Proper insulation is critical for wood fired ovens, if you are losing heat on the outside you’re heat up times and overall heat retention will drop drastically. We can run our ovens at 1,000 + degrees Fahrenheit for several hours and the outside of the oven will remain cool to the touch. We use a mixture of vermiculite and insulation blanket to achieve the heat retention in our ovens. Vermiculite and perlite have been used for thousands of years to insulate things from heat, it is incredibly light and can expand easily making it an ideal material to use. Our blanket insulation is a stone wool (mineral fiber) blanket (wrap) thermal insulation that provides fire and water resistance and is wrapped around the firebrick dome of our ovens.

Next, we take you along for one of our pizza oven rental drop offs. Forno Piombo offers mobile pizza ovens in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Phoenix, these rentals are mainly used by caterers for private cooking events all across the country. Each oven is dropped off with firewood and cooking utensils, so the caterer has everything they need to offer wood fired cooking to their offsite event. This rental was going to the home located at the top of a large mountain. Unfortunately, it was raining pretty hard that day and we didn’t get a gate code, but we were able to get ahold of the company renting the oven and gain access to drop the trailer off.

If you want to learn more about our mobile ovens, check out our rental website:

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