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Wood Fired Vlog #3: Rainy Day Pizza Oven Installations

In our 3rd episode. we headed back to Lafayette to install pizza oven for one of our clients at his home. Access was incredibly tight, and we had to use the smallest crane we could find, and even then we really only had 6 inches to spare and that is after we took out a fence post!. It took the driver a good 30 minutes just to back 50’ down the driveway, and once he was down it took all of 10 minutes to lift and set the pizza oven into place in the backyard. Once we finished with our first installation we headed back to our shop where we had 2 pizza ovens that we needed to bring down to our showroom in Napa. After loading up, we headed down and installed them using our own forklift. Installing ovens with forklifts is certainly doable, but you need a highly experienced operator and good access, as forklifts can get stuck and when they do that is a huge problem because they usually weigh at least 8,000 lb. plus another ton and a half if it is carrying one of our pizza ovens. In this case the operator was my Dad so we were all set. The first pizza oven we installed was a standard 36” Forno Casa with brown tile and a granite shelf. The second oven was a new one, this oven is the first 48” pizza oven we have ever made, and it is more of an entry level size for commercial use. We are very excited to test this oven out at our showroom and see how it stacks up against our commercial oven competitors, but so far it is passing all of the tests! We lowered the dome on this oven, which is what you want if you are cooking hundreds of pizzas a day. By lowering the dome, you lose a bit of versatility with the overall use of the oven, but you will maintain a warmer floor which is what a large pizzeria is going to want. We also debued our new tile color for which we are still trying to think of a name for, feel free to drop us a comment with what name you think is a good fit!

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