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3 Reasons Brick Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Cook the Best Pizza

Grills, move over!

There’s a new favorite among the backyard guests.

Wood-fired pizza ovens are a growing trend. While they’re usually associated solely with pizza, they can handle a wide variety of food like steaks, chicken, bacon, eggs, brisket, bread, and even cookies.

When it comes to pizza connoisseurs, there’s nothing quite like a steaming, bubbly pizza pulled from a brick wood-fired oven.

How Are Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Different from Conventional Ovens?

The magic is all in the design.

Wood-fired pizza ovens made with firebrick or refractory concrete can get much hotter than your standard kitchen oven. They also store heat for extended periods of time.

This means you can keep cooking long after you added the last log. If you fired up the brick oven on Friday afternoon, the oven’s cooldown rate would be so slow that you could still be using it for baking and slow roasting up to 72 hours later.

3 Ways Wood-Fired Ovens are Superior When It Comes to the Art of Pizza

On average, Americans consume 23 pounds of pizza every year. We’ll admit it — for some of us, that number might be a little higher.

Pizza enthusiasts are always ready to debate about which style is the best. Thin crust, deep dish, Neapolitan, Chicago-style, New York-style, and the list goes on. We won’t even get started on the toppings debate.

But when it comes to wood-fired versus conventional ovens, there’s really no competition.

Here’s why wood-fired pizza ovens have the upper hand:

1. Higher Temperatures Cook the Pizza Faster

With a properly fired brick or refractory oven, it takes about 60-90 seconds to cook your pizza.

Compare that to 10-20 minutes in a conventional oven, and that’s much less time you and your guests have to wait with your stomachs grumbling.

You might assume that slower cooking methods, like smoking or slow roasting, produce a better, more flavorful result, but that’s not the case with pizza.  Cooking your oven in 60-90 seconds means your pizza oven temperature is up to 900 degrees fahrenheit! At these temperatures, the toppings of the pizza will fuze together to create an incredibly flavorful pie. 

2. The Cooking Method Changes the Pizza’s Texture

Because a wood-fired brick or refractory oven is so hot and cooks so quickly, the pizza’s texture changes in a way that can’t be replicated in a conventional oven.

The brick pizza oven produces pizza that is crisp and slightly charred on the outside but moist and chewy on the inside. The heat caramelizes the crust, which puffs up in the steam and intense burst of heat. The cheese bubbles and browns just right.

(Are you feeling hungry yet?)

3. Wood-Fired Oven-Cooked Pizza Has a Richer Flavor

In a wood-fired oven, the distinct but subtle smokiness adds a deeper layer of flavor, especially when the crust and toppings have a slight char. The flavor of the cheese also changes when the bubbles brown in the heat.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Brick Pizza Oven to Elevate Your Guests’ Next Dining Experience

Not every oven is equal.

When you’re investing to update your backyard entertainment space with a wood-fired pizza oven to treat your guests to fun, memorable experiences, quality is important.

Here are the most important features to look for when choosing your backyard oven:

Tuscan-Style Dome

 A high dome and tall entrance are perfect to accommodate a variety of dish sizes. In comparison, the low-dome style that is prevalent in many wood-fired oven designs is optimal for pizzerias that need to produce a large quantity of pizzas every day, but it lacks the versatility to handle much else, especially larger dishes.

You’ll also want to consider the needs you have for your oven. A brick oven isn’t portable, which means you can’t bring it along with you to tailgate or make pizzas at the park.

A High-Quality Oven Will Give You High-Quality Pizza

Make sure you’re ready for the next National Pizza Party Day!

The quality of your oven absolutely affects the cooking process, whether you’re using it to smoke, roast, bake, broil, cook, grill, or anything else.

But these days, a lot of companies value quantity over quality.

We disagree with that business policy, which is why we take great care in building wood-fired ovens that will last. We’ll stake our reputation on that claim with a lifetime guarantee on our brick line of ovens.

We know you’re passionate about your pizza. We are, too.

So, let’s fire up the brick oven, raise a slice, and bon appétit!


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