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Where can I get the Brick Oven specifications?

All product specifications are detailed in the product page of our website for your convenience, or you can head over to the Resources page of our website and click the corresponding spec sheet you are looking for. Here is a direct link to the Resources page: SPEC SHEET

Do the Brick Ovens crack?

Our brick line of ovens will never crack. Firebrick is made in a kiln at over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which ensures that your oven can withstand incredibly high temperatures without cracking.

Are the Brick Ovens cool to touch on the outside?

Yes, we use quality insulation materials to ensure that your oven does not get hot to the touch. All Forno Piombo ovens are over insulated to guarantee your heat is staying inside of your oven, ensuring efficient heat retention and quick heat up times.

How long does the Brick Oven take to light up and start cooking?

It can vary based on size oven, type of wood used, how dry wood is, etc. but typically 60-90 minutes to reach 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does the Refractory Oven require cleaning?

The great thing about wood fired ovens is they get hot enough to turn all food spillage into ash. The only cleaning necessary is occasionally sweeping ash out of the oven after it cools down.

Does the Refractory Oven come with a door & a flue system?

Yes. Flue pipe extensions available.

Can the Refractory Ovens be outside and is it weatherproof?

Yes, the Refractory Ovens can be placed outside without experiencing performance related issues in most situations. If you live in a climate that experiences frequent freeze/thaw conditions, you will want to consider covering it or moving it out of direct exposure to the elements during these times. As of now, we do not offer a cover for the ovens, but we are working diligently to have covers made for our ovens. When these are available, they will be listed on our website.

How hot can it get inside the Refractory Oven?

Up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very important that you do not use air blowers, hair dryers or anything else that adds excess oxygen to your oven. This can get temperatures in your oven well above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and cause structural damage to the dome.

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